• Ingrid Smit

A bit about me. Where I come from and the life I live now.

My hopes and dreams of how my life would turn out, was influenced by my career choice at the age of 16, while studying Graphic Design. Choosing what I would do for the rest of my life- at such a young age, was quite daunting. It made sense to me that I should choose an art form where I would be fina ncially secure. My lecturers advised that I should rather do Fine Art, which I opted not to do. Their advice was however always at the back of my mind.

My career as Graphic Designer, which later lead to web development, has been fulfilling, yet I was always drawn back to the easel. I've made many good friends who started off as clients in the design world. We've had really good fun. Done wonderful and often challenging projects. I painted for friends, and participated in group exhibitions. Time constraints always lead to painting being a part time thing.

In 2016 my husband and I decided to leave the city life and settle in a small South African coastal town. I opted for a 2 year Sabbatical and focused my time on meeting new friends and enjoying the beautiful nature which surrounds us daily. My days were spent walking on the beach, spending time with Richard, cooking delicious food and playing with our Ridgeback, Ella. I also started painting whenever I had the time.

Getting back into painting was quite a challenge. I had been so use to using Photoshop and my computer- where results are often instant- and was often tempted to use gimmicks to enhance my paintings. I however chose not to go that way. I wanted to learn to paint- and I wanted to do it well.

I've spent hours and hours watching painting tutorials. Practicing and redoing until it feels right. My painting style is influenced by Impressionism. I love their use of colour. The way their brush stokes dance. I've opted for progress over perfection and I'm excited to where the road of discovery will lead.

I'm joining the Daily Painting movement in July and look forward to spending my winter days painting and listening to the crackling fire (and also Podcasts for self discovery and personal growth ;-)). Nature provides inspiration and I am able to hear the voice of God more clearly when I'm surrounded by it. The influence of nature can be seen in my subject choices.

I will be posting my paintings in my shop and I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

My hope is to produce paintings which will speak to your soul. That it will awaken dreams in your mind. That will provide peace. Healing. That will ultimately be more than just a picture on a wall. I will strive to reflect the beauty of creation in every brush stroke I make.

I invite you to be part of my journey.

With love and blessings, Ingrid. [7 June 2019].

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